Friday, March 19, 2010

Wearable Art Symposium at the Textile Center of Minnesota

This Summer, June 2-8, I will be attending and speaking at the Artwear Symposium 2010 at the Textile Center of Minnesota.  I am thrilled beyond words to be a part of this amazing experience.  For those of you in the area, i encourage you to check out the link below and see for yourself all the amazing artists, designers, and speakers who will be both attending and speaking on a vast array of topics from  Sampling Felt/Fabric Fusion & Partial Felt Applique Techniques to Intuitive Patternmaking to Digital Design for Wearable Art.  These lectures and seminars will be mindblowing and so exciting.   For those of you that have any interest in textile arts, this is a symposium you will not want to miss!  I will be speaking on social networking and using these techniques and venues as marketing opportunites and advertising moments for the artist and designer.  I am both humbled and honored to be speaking and all the while wondering how I am going to pull it off......

If anyone out there has ideas for venues I have yet to try, I would love to hear them!

Designer Out,

and check out this link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Restaurant Fetish!

Okay, so I have a restaurant fetish, especially for this one.  This restaurant has been one of my favorites in Minneapolis for as long as I have lived here!  I even had a birthday party here once!

Imagine a place that reminds you of sitting in your parent's basement in 1984 playing video games.  Imagine the tacky decor.  Imagine that hideous sofa that is kind of cool because it is vintage.  Those were good days when all you had to worry about was your score on Super Mario!

Now imagine that same concept in a restaurant.  Same wonderfully tacky decor, same vintage sofas, and same old classic video games.  Except now, instead of stealing cheap beer from your dad's stash, someone will bring it to you and it's not the same cheap stuff you had back then.  And imagine someone bringing you some delicious, classic, comfort food while you play.  That my friends is the Chatterbox Pub!

The food is amazing!   The staff is great!  The atmosphere is so much fun.  You can eat and drink, or play video games, or sit at your table and play board games.  I highly recommend the white tiger shrimp quesadilla, and the Young's double chocolate stout!  I also love their sake bloody mary and the build your own mac and cheese is out of this world.  The prices are easy on the wallet and this place is well worth a trip or ten!

Wannabe Food Critic, out!  :0


Midtown Mpls
Location Hours
11am -1am Sun -Thurs
11am -2am Fri & Sat

Highland St.Paul
Location Hours
11am-1am Mon - Thurs
11am -2am Fri
8am -2am Sat
8am -1am Sun

Linden Hills Mpls
Location Hours
11am-1am Mon - Thurs
11am -2am Fri
8am -2am Sat
8am -1am Sun

Midtown Minneapolis:
2229 E 35th Street (612)728-9871

Highland Saint Paul:
800 Cleveland Ave S (651)699-1154

Linden Hills Minneapolis:
4501 France Ave S (612)920-3221

Monday, March 8, 2010

The NEW Micro Clutch

I just added two new mini clutches to my line-up.  The first, seen above, in aged gold, is the The Micro Clutch.  A simple envelope clutch that has clean lines and is just the right size for an evening out.  What I love about it is it can be so understated in a solid color, but add a pattern.........
And you get a whole new look.  A little bit more saucy!  I like-ah the Saucey, eh!
Now, turn it up a bit more and do two different colors and you have these!
This great little bag can be customized with over 50 different colors and finishes, so the number of options is huge, especially if you mix colors!

Personally, I think these bags would look great for a wedding.  Alot of brides give custom clutches as gifts to their bridesmaids, but silk and satin, while pretty, will not last like leather.  And while leather is something most women use everyday, and maybe it does not feel as special, with so many color options and so many finishes, there is sure to be something that will work for a wedding or special event!
And at only $48, this little clutch could show up multiple times in your closet!  The other mini clutch will be ready this week! Stay posted for more info!
Designer out!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am back and finally catching up to all that has fallen by the wayside.  It is ridiculously hard to try to juggle a full time career, a full time design dream (and all that goes with it like designing, producing, photo-ing, editing, writing, posting, mailing, balancing finances, ordering product....etc, etc, etc), and still have time to promote your line and keep people interested.  I am exhausted just writing it out!  And, yet, I love it with all my heart.  And so, I continue.  More to come soon!

designer out!