Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Interior Designer On Television

The link below is me.  An interior designer "moonlighting" as an HGTV wannabe star.  Why won't they call me?  I really think I should have my own show by now.  I must have too much talent for one design network!

Seriously though, my day job is that of an interior designer at a large furniture retailer.  My job can be really fun sometimes, but sometimes can be a lot of paperwork and planning and training.  One of the best perks of my job and sometimes the scariest is being on tv.  We do a three minute segment on a local television show called "Room for Improvement".  It is basically like an HGTV show where we find a room in someones home that needs to be redone and we do it for $250!  Thats right folks, I said $250.  Let's just say this ain't easy!  Then of course, I have to do it on camera and see it aired in my city.....arghhh, nervewracking!

Now, I always thought I would be a natural on tv.  Funny, witty, charming, interesting, perhaps get a tv gig out of this on HGTV.  Yeah, I was really hoping and perhaps a bit disallusioned.  For alas, it was not the case.  Lets just say, I have a face for radio and tend to look a little lost on television.  But, damn it sure is fun!  Check out one of my episodes above!  I will post the rest as they are filmed.

Designer Out,

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  1. I just watched the show from the link above and I really liked it. I thought you done really well.I love to watch shows like that.